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A Veteran Owned Firearm Dealer and Gunsmith Company
95 Bravo has grown out of a passion for learning and trying new and exciting things.
After spending time viewing so many great customized firearms, the curiosity to try it on our own firearms grew. We discovered that there is a shared passion for customization within our local area as well across the the gun community.
We wanted to stick very closely to our Law Enforcement roots when deciding on our company name.
95 Bravo is the former (Old School Army MOS) for the Military Police Corp.
Having spent 5 years as a part of this family, it was only fitting to honor this heritage as part of who we are.
Glock, Springfield, CZ, Kimber, Smith and Wesson, Canik, Century Arms, Aero, Palmetto State, Savage, Browning, Draco, Holosun, Sig Sauer, Ruger, KG Gun Kote, Cerakote, RMR Milling, Laser engraving, Blue Lable, Winchester, Ammo INC, Henry, Ratical Arms, Great Lakes, Anderson, Rossi, bullsyey holsters, SBI, swamp fox, 1911, colt, ATI, pulse fire, bear creek, magpul, safety equipment, LEO, Firearm Education, Shadow Systems, Taurus, duramag, kci, bulldog, ammo, Leopold, vortex, charter arms, bullpup, tactical supply, guns, gun show, indiana gun show, reload, powder, primers, cleaning supplies, gun oil, blueing, fireamrs, optics, camping, hiking, pulse fire, body armor, holsters, gun lights, Olight, nightsitck, scopes

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